MTV Video Music Awards

The identity I created for the annual MTV VMA's was inspired by the genre of rock music. Timeless, energetic and rebellious, rock music embodies a wide spectrum of musical expression. Influenced by punk, country, blues and even hip hop, the rock sound is enigmatic and almost impossible categorize. The best way to define rock is through its content. Rock lyrics are about love, lust, betrayal, breaking the rules, fighting the system and living life to the fullest. The design is inspired by this passionate embrace for life, otherwise know as “sex, drugs and rock and roll”.

Since Rock has so much variety I decided to showcase that variety in the logo. The font Univers provided a wide range of different weights which I combined to create the logo. The letters sit nestled together in a way that is pleasing to the eye, yet they are packed together to create an energetic vibration. That compactness of the logo is reminiscent to the excitement of a concert: a lot of different people packed in front of one big stage.

The second logo is meant to compliment the first. It embodies rebellion and defiance against main stream culture the way rock music does. The sharp angular letters are used to slash through letters and photos. This slashing animates the system while repetition of this logo allows for pattern as texture to unify print and screen designs.